some haiku

we were camping here

almost this exact same spot

another lifetime

(august 2020)

as words turn inwards

bruised, battered and regretful

a pause and pale skies


collect the petals

and gather your rosehips, for

time passes, be true


time leafing through lists

seeking some sort of order

reflect the season


locked in our spiral

ascend and touch each other

fall into lost worlds


puck in the garden

grinning between the bushes

conkers in pockets

(september 2020)


Gilead, they said

a world fit for nobody

the storms are coming


yes gentle days pass

we look for our common ground

twisting in the wind


over my body

they ran their holy orders

grinning like pumpkins


eat enough, no more

is a damn hard thing to do

just one more morsel


I am not afraid

of all the changes, the days

the turning of leaves

(October 2020)


awake, time passes.

your gentle rest is broken

the earth must be walked


what about that day

the stories of life untold

the colours of words

(November 2020)


There’s not time today

from daybreak to work and back

alight in the gale


first light is pastel

the sky holds a disguised care

for the earth rotates

(December 2020)


these signs of frailty

a branch that might fail to bud

the trunk holds to life


the bright moon above

the morning sparkles with light

and the year begins


warmth in the day

dries the crust of the anthill

yet the earth is cold

(february 2021)


sun beating the wind

broad light dazzles the blue sky

the tide is rising

(March 2021)


in the icy wind

on these weather-worn shoulders

wear your courage well

(april 2021)


pause and take your stock

so many miles passed on foot

cold nights and long days


miles passed, miles ahead

the joy and the passion to live

as rain falls to earth


strong winds buffeting

bringing high weather eastwards

crow atop the pole

(May 2021)


warmth in the morning

time travelled to reach this place

shelter and belong


voice calls attention

scrambling over the harsh sounds

as the blackbird sings


the wind flaps gently

warm and a playful spirit

I look out to see

(June 2021)



All back to normal then

The roads with hurried drivers

No more families on bikes…

The sun is shining still,

That has been a blessing

You can get outside, see your friends

Find out who’s changed

And who’s stayed the same

‘How was your lockdown’

And what’s going to happen next

A huge social experiment

it shows what can be done


Chapter two is the understory

That runs parallel to what we know

A sub-plot, a re-calibration

Of how we want to live.

We have earned the right to be still

People, the world is turning

do not adjust your television

Remember Gil Scott Heron

There are plenty of others, friends

And neighbours, count them all.

Step off the escalator

there is going to be an announcement




3rd March 2018

Sudden blast of winter

Cascades across our small world

Cars become less urgent,

Less need to be on time.

The fields fill with white

The birds become bold

Our pavements iced thickly

But in a day it’s gone.

Change comes quickly now

In wind, in sleet, in hope

The life we know has fled

And we face ourselves.

The way forward is plain

One foot follows another

This is phenomenal

And we value each other.